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Lerato and Tshepo’s Traditional Wedding

14 Sep Blushing Makoti - Lerato Mogale 14

How Lerato and Tshepo met?

Once Upon a Time…

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
- Maya Angelou.

Our story starts on the 9th of October 2006 when our courtship officially started, thanks to an introduction by our mutual friend Aimee Noel Hartley. Thanks Aimee, we’ll owe you for the rest of our lives!

Nearly five years to the day and we’re blessed to share a relationship based on love, laughter, trust and emotional maturity. And no, it didn’t start like that. We were both young and immature when we met. It’s taken some growing up, letting go of selfish thinking and sheer determination that has moulded us. And we had to remain committed to what we had found in our togetherness, in our ‘us’, and the values we live by to get through all the ups and downs.

Some believe opposites attract. We believe that two people need to complement each other, the iron can’t be hot on both sides!

Says Lerato: “Tshepo always manages to maintain a calm composure, seemingly unaffected by the curve balls life throws, he always hopes for the best, allowing nature to run its course. Me, on the other hand, I’m known to jump right into action, grabbing the bull by the horns to get something down now, not later”. 

And it is this mix of serenity and a high-volt energy that has kept the fires of our relationship burning.

From Blushing Makoti…..

Thanks to the beautiful Tswana bride for sharing her perfectly planned traditional wedding with Blushing Makoti. The bridesmaids, looked amazing in their traditional Venda outfits. From the begin till the end, everything was well coordinated.

The in things this days is to have traditional dances at your wedding to entertain your guess.

Also check out the latest wedding trend, Lerato and Tshepo also have their own wedding website www.leratoandtshepo.wedsimple.com

Alilili to our Tswana Bride. Indeed you are Blushing Makoti’s beautiful bride with style.

I cant wait to share Lerato’s white wedding pictures with a beautifully selected wedding theme “Motown“.

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